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Sushi vinegar brands to look for

The key brands

There are two major companies in Japan. One is Tamanoi vinegar co., Ltd and the other is Mizkan Holdings co., Ltd. Tamanoi is totally focused on vinegar products, whereas Mizkan has got other products too as well as vinegar product being the major one. Letfs go through these companiesf details.


Tamanoi Vinegar Co., Ltd
This company was established in 1907 during the Meiji era. The headquarters is located in Osaka which is in western Japan and they have 11 other offices (branches) or factories in Japan, and they have four branches outside of Japan; Shanghai (China), Singapore, Hong Kong, New York (US). Before establishing the company, in the Edo era, their vinegar was around already in Hideyoshi Toyotomifs period (1573 - 1603). Tamanoi is what it was named back then.


In 1963, they developed a sushi powder called eSushinokof. It was an amazing job by them and of course it got very famous and popular, itfs been a long seller and it is still everywhere around the world. That invention was a huge investment because they grew up a lot in the market and increased their funds too. Since then, theyfve built more offices and factories and expanded overseas.


After the massive hit of Sushinoko, they actually had another big hit recently. Only 8 years ago, in 1996, they developed a vinegar drink called eHoney black vinegar dietf. Following the healthy food life boom, they made a vinegar drink to get the vinegar affect easier to people. This product was awarded SIAL DOR gold in Pari, France at the non-alcoholic division of Pari International food marketplace in 2000. Because of that, theyfve even got bigger and more factories and offices now. They are open for occasional school kids excursions to learn the process and introduce the factories as well as visitors from overseas. They seem to continue developing good vinegar products and keep their originals. The best vinegar company ever!!! They do produce a bottle of sushi vinegar but those powder sushi vinegar packets are the one to get. Itfs so easy to use and the taste is great as well. The package is an orange colour and it has a drawing of sushi being served on a plate. The name sushinoko is written in Hiragana eSU-SHI-NO-KOf. You must have seen it before in the supermarket close by for sure!


Mizukan Holdings Co., Ltd.
This company was founded in 1804 but it was a sake making company so a huge challenge to start making vinegar, they must have been so brave. They started making vinegar just because of the vinegar boom at the time. The logo is very famous and something you would have seen before somewhere. There are three horizontal lines and a little circle just below those three lines. The headquarters is in Aichi prefecture in Tokai Japan. There are 24 offices and 11 factories in Japan and four branches abroad (US, Taiwan, UK, Beijing). They have a lot more products and are bigger compared to Tamanoi. The scale is similar to Kikkoman, the soy sauce company. They do have sushi vinegar powder too but the major popular one is a bottle of sushi vinegar (liquid). They have so many different products including furikake seasoning, salad dressing, natto (fermented soybeans), nabe paste or even dashi tsuyu (bonito broth) and of course sake, mirin (cooking sake) too. When you hear or see eMizkanf, vinegar comes up in Japanese peoplefs mind though. Tamanoi is famous as well but some people may not know the company name, esushinokof is a popular name.


They have been producing good idea products for cooking. All the products seem like they thought about peoplefs use and needs. Everyone is busy in this generation but we all want to still eat healthy food and fancy food. Mizukan seems the best one for helping those busy people to make good food easier with good taste.


Shop around

Ok, those two were the major vinegar brands you need to know. Youfll only find those in the supermarket probably. Some places may even not have sushinoko.. because bigger company Mizkan produces vinegar powder too and they do do a big trading so can be chosen easily. Those brands are both great and trusted, they are everywhere in the world so you can get them anywhere. You may find some other brands on eBay or Amazon or in an Asian grocery in your area but to be honest with you, therefs no point trying other ones. Both Tamanoi and Mizkan are great companies and everywhere.. so why would you try other ones?? There isnft a major taste difference between Tamanoi and Mizkan so get whichever you can get;) If you really care, then maybe Tamanoi for the powder one and Mizukan for the liquid one just because Tamanoi is famous for its sushi vinegar powder and Mizukan is famous for the liquid one.


It costs $5 ish for 2.65 Oz and it says that is for 16 people to serve so it should last for a long time unless you have big family members. If you are making sushi or sunomono occasionally then itfs not that expensive unless you make and eat sushi everyday!


Nowadays, finding Japanese products including sushi vinegar is a lot easier that what it may have been several decades ago. Nowadays, we really do have a wealth of choice at our fingertips. In most countries, you should be ale to go online, type in these brands into google and some options to buy online should come up as there are quite a few major online retail companies offering Japanese products. Do shop around on the net as it is sometimes possible to find free delivery and other good deals such as this. If youfre not into finding things online then try going to your local Asian grocery store as they should have a large selection of Japanese goods including sushi vinegar. In fact, sushi vinegar is not pretty popular so in many countries, itfs even possible to find it in the regular supermarkets making it really convenient for shopping.