Japanese ingredients for your healthy life

Effectively using sushi vinegar in Japanese dishes

Using sushi vinegar

What can we use sushi vinegar for? There are mainly two Japanese dishes to introduce, one is of course sushi and the other is sunomono which is a vinegared salad dish and they are often small as a side dish. Vinegar is good for you, so it makes sense that Japanese people try to eat vinegary food every day to keep their health up all the time. Vinegar is good for tiredness, it increases appetite, calcium absorption improves, organ fat decreases, it puts blood glucose level down, blood pressure decrease and improves cold constitution. Itfs the same as alcohol, a little bit a day for a long term is good. There are some vinegar soft drinks in Japan nowadays because itfs popular for your diet and a healthy life. So having sunomono on the side once a day is a great idea to make your body strong!


Here are some common recipes for sunomono:


Cucumber sunomono salad
Ingredient - cucumber and sushi vinegar (sesame seed if you like)
Take the cucumbers and slice them as thinly as possible, stir in salt and let it sit for five minutes. Squeeze the water out of the cucumbers. Add some sushi vinegar mixture and sesame seeds in as well to what was made previously and mix the whole lot well.


Japanese radish and carrot sunomono salad
Ingredient - sushi vinegar, radish and carrot (seaweed if you like)
Take some daikon and slice it as thin as possible, (if possible down to 1.5mm), it may be that you have to use a machine for such a thin slice. Take some carrots and do the same as the daikon, slice it very thinly. Take the carrots and daikon that have been thinly slice, put them into a large bowl and sprinkle some salt on them (not too much of course) and let it all sit for around 30 minutes in the fridge. At this stage, try to remove an water in the bowl as the vegetables may release some water. At this stage, add in the sushi vinegar and mix it altogether and thatfs it!


Japanese lotus root (renkon) sunomono salad


There is one particular famous Japanese food that is a good one to make and it is called renkon no sunomono in Japanese. This is essentially lotus roots that have been marinated. They are often included in festive food sets such as osechi ryori which is a traditional food eaten at New Yearfs in Japan. Itfs a pretty simple dish to prepare. All you have to do is take the lotus roots, peel them and thinly slice them. Next, you boil them in water until soft and then put them in a mixture of salt, rice wine vinegar and sugar. For best results, the mixture should be left overnight or even for a day. Lotus roots go really well with this particular mixture.
Chicken Nanban


To make this dish, put together some sushi vinegar, soy sauce, chicken, sale and pepper, an egg, a cucumber and some plain flour. To make this dish, put the sushi vinegar and soy sauce in a bowl, take the cucumber and chop it up into pieces and add this into the bowl with the other ingredients. Cut the chicken up into small pieces and put some salt and pepper on it. Next, take this chicken and coat it with the flour that you prepared earlier. Mix the egg and start dipping the chicken into the bowl with egg before throwing the chicken into a hot pan with some oil in it. mix the chicken up and cook it until itfs nice and brown. Once all this is done, try to drain as much fat as possible and before putting this chicken into the original mixture made at the start. Leave it there for about an hour. This can be eaten on its own or with rice and itfs pretty good!

The sky's the limit

You can do similar sorts of things with fish too, it gets a different type of dish especially if you are bored with the same pattern of dishes everyday;) When your meal has a little sour taste of vinegar, it becomes suddenly very ethnic and Asian food. So itfs a great idea just to put these recipes somewhere in your memory storage! Also, itfs good for you so rather than eating meat and fish with gravy sauce oftenc do vinegary! Or put sunomono salad on the side to feel better with fatty food right next to it. Whoever came to this site to have a look at Japanese ingredients must be interested in healthy food life, arenft you? A little bit a day is good so it does not have to be all the time or a lot of it but have it occasionally. Just a little reminder though, sushi vinegar contains some salt and sugar so it has calories.. Donft put too much on mate!


In terms of making sushi rice, please use plain rice, not jasmine or long grain or basmati rice.. As far as I know, if you can find the rice ewonder rose ricef, that one is the closest to Japanese rice. Japanese people who live outside of Japan often use rice and they are everywhere in the world. It has a bit of Chinese character on it. You can google it to get an image too. If you canft find them then just a normal short grain rice is fine.


Using Japanese vinegar in Japanese dishes is not too difficult as you would have seen from some of the fantastic recipes that have been given here. very often, all it takes to make a recipes is too just add a little vinegar in with some fresh vegetables and mix it together to enjoy the natural taste of the vegetables while giving them a lovely vinegar flavour. Remember that vinegar is good for us and it can make some vegetables taste a lot nicer. Please make sure to give some of these recipes a go if youfre keen and start enjoying sushi vinegar in your cooking!