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Sushi vinegar

What is sushi vinegar? Itfs vinegar for making sushi! So when you make sushi rice for sushi, you only need some rice and sushi vinegar. It is very handy because you could avoid making your own sushi vinegar (you donft have to look for a sushi vinegar recipe..that saves time!). Though it is very easy to make your own sushi vinegar, if you can prepare one bottle of sushi vinegar, that would be a lot easier than preparing three ingredients for sushi vinegarc?Sushi vinegar normally contains suga...



Sushi vinegar's history

Well, actual sushi vinegar was first made when Japanese people started making sushi for their dishes. The start wasnft for nigiri sushi (raw fish on a ball of rice) interestingly, the root of sushi was eNare sushif which was a kind of fermented food (as you can image Japanese people love fermented food). All fermented foods are rich in nutrition having certain bacterias in created during the fermenting process, this was brought from Southeast Asia supposedly. To make nare sushi, what they did...



Effectively using sushi vinegar in Japanese dishes

What can we use sushi vinegar for? There are mainly two Japanese dishes to introduce, one is of course sushi and the other is sunomono which is a vinegared salad dish and they are often small as a side dish. Vinegar is good for you, so it makes sense that Japanese people try to eat vinegary food every day to keep their health up all the time. Vinegar is good for tiredness, it increases appetite, calcium absorption improves, organ fat decreases, it puts blood glucose level down, blood pressure...



Sushi vinegar brands to look for

There are two major companies in Japan. One is Tamanoi vinegar co., Ltd and the other is Mizkan Holdings co., Ltd. Tamanoi is totally focused on vinegar products, whereas Mizkan has got other products too as well as vinegar product being the major one. Letfs go through these companiesf details.Tamanoi Vinegar Co., LtdThis company was established in 1907 during the Meiji era. The headquarters is located in Osaka which is in western Japan and they have 11 other offices (branches) or factories...