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What is Shoyu?

One of the most typical Japanese condiments is eShoyuf (soy sauce). Shoyu refers to a brownish-black condiment which is a koji (malt) made from soybeans and wheat, and the koji (malt) has been made from fermenting and maturing salt water. It is an indispensable seasoning for Japanese cooking, and by using Shoyu, depth and profoundness of taste is added There are five different types of Shoyu including eKoi kuchi (strong taste)f and eUsu kuchi (weak taste)f.Types of Shoyu:Koi kuchi ShoyuUsu ku...



How is it good for me?

Soy sauce is one of the classic condiments of Japanese food and today is one of the most used foods in the Japanese diet. Japanese people use it very often in many different dishes and have done so for hundreds of years. The Japanese are in general a very health conscious people and give great consideration to what they eat. It is for this reason, that itfs good to know that the country with the second longest life expectancy for women swear by it. Today, we will look at the health benefits ...



The history of Shoyu

Nowadays, shoyu, or soy sauce, is a product that has made its way into the pantry of many a home, the hands of many a chef and certainly an ingredient onto many a plate. It is perhaps the most well known Japanese food ingredient and one that most people from outside Japan see as intrinsic to the flavour of Japanese food. it hasnft always been this well known as as widely used of course, there was a time when it wasnft known to the western world. Letfs have look at the early times and how thin...



How to use Shoyu

Shoyu is a condiment that is just so easy to use. When added with other food, soy sauce adds a deliciously salty and tasty kick. Whether you are a master chef who has travelled the world learning the ways of cooking from around the world or someone who likes to dabble in cooking but doesnft consider themselves good at it, using soy sauce is not too hard. When added in the right proportions, soy sauce can bring a divine balance to meals, it is a wonderful ingredient that can help you make fant...



How to make Shoyu

The making of shoyu has a a very long history. Over centuries, different styles of production in separate areas has allowed for different tasting versions with different characteristics. During this time, the basic method has been refined and nowadays we are in a great position where we can sample shoyu in all its forms for just a few dollars from the shop. Most of us donft need to know how itfs made as we just just by it of course, nevertheless, it is a fascinating process so letfs take a lo...



Shoyu products

eShoyuf the ubiquitous Japanese ingredient, has made its way into many homes and is used all around the world. It is seen by many as the most well known japanese food ingredient and easiest to use. It may be that you have some in your home right now or that youfve been interested in trying it for some time. Regardless of which type you are, you may be interested to learn more about the different brands of shoyu as well as the various types of shoyu. As you will know from many of your favourit...