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What rice vinegar brands to buy

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When you go to the shops to buy rice vinegar, it may be that youfre really not sure which one to go with. Thatfs perfectly normal when you walk into a shop that has dozens of brands with dozens of variations of the same product. There are of course some pretty good products that you can find and buy but in I think many Japanese people would agree that there is one standout company which is Mizkan.


There are many factors that make Mizkan such a great company to buy rice vinegar from. Mizkan really do have great quality. Now, when we say quality, we are talking about many factors that make up quality. Firstly, the taste of the products they product including of course rice vinegar is great. Itfs rice vinegar has a taste that is not too strong and goes really well with other foods when cooking. Secondly, their products are consistently the same. You donft have to worry about the possibility of getting a product that doesnft taste exactly the same as the last one you had with Mizkan which is a truly remarkable thing for a product that is a large as Mizkan, this means that their internal quality control mechanisms are really, really good! Also, they manufacturing methods and ability to deliver enough product is really good. Making sure you have enough product on the shelf can be tough when youfre a manufacturing giant like Mizkan who produces products for the whole world. I think itfs fair to say that they supply around th world is pretty good and that we donft have to worry about going to the shops and finding that they donft have any of your favourite Mizkan rice vinegar. Itfs just a really well trusted product that tastes good. Letfs learn a little about this company and what makes it so special.


This great company is a famous Japanese company that manufactures many important products such as natto, mustard, balsamic vinegar, vinegar and rice vinegar. Its headquarters can be found in Handa which is in Aichi prefecture which is in the centre of Honshu, Japanfs main island. The motto of the company is gBringing flavour to Lifeh


You may find other companyfs rice vinegar products at the supermarket or Asian grocery. They are also alright and probably cheaper slightly but personally I would just buy Mizukan rice vinegar just because itfs famous and good quality well known so that you wonft get disappointed.


Letfs find out more

Mizkan has been operating for over 200 years and it a legacy company in Japan that offers really good products and is a trusted brand in Japan. Wherever you go, if youfre looking for rice vinegar or any related products youfll always find mizkan on the shelf. Whether it is a supermarket, a convenience store or any place that is selling food products, mizkan is an easy choice as it isnft too expensive and itfs such a reliable and good product.


The company was established in Tokyo in 1804 by Matazaemon Nakano. At that time, Mr Nakano didnft just produce rice vinegar from ingredients specific to rice vinegar and the setup wasnft just for the purpose of making rice vinegar. In fact, at that time his company was making rice vinegar using by products from making rice wine. Ironically, rice vinegar wasnft the key target but it ended up being a key product for the company. Back then, Mizkanfs rice vinegar was sold on the streets and now of course it is something that is not only found in the supermarkets and general food retailers in Japan but also all around the world from Asian grocery stores to Japanese supermarkets and even regular domestic supermarkets in many countries.


Mr Nakano started off by giving his company the name Mitsukan Group. Following this, the company went from strength to strength, refining its product and increasing sales and this allowed the company to grow and do well. The company did very, very well in Japan and it was eventually decided that it would be profitable and advantageous for the company to expand internationally. In the late 1970fs, the company started targeting the United States of America. The company continued to do well over in the states and eventually started selling its products all over the world. In 1995, the US part of the business actually changed its name from Mitsukan to Nakano Foods in honour of the legendary leader who started the company up and took it from strength to strength.


As the company was doing so well and was continuing to get a foothold in many foreign markets because of the quality products it had to offer, it decided to change its name. In 2004, the American part of the business changed its name from Nakano foods to Mizkan Americas Inc, as well as that the main company changed its name from Mikukan group to The Mizkan Group Corporation. It truly is a success story and its not hard to see hy when you use their products often. The offer very high quality products as well as a large variety of products. Some of the products that they manufacture and sell are vinegar, balsamic vinegar, salad dressing, jelly, mustard, wine vinegar and even regular sauces.


The company has even expanded the types of food products it sells by acquiring other food companies such as Border Foods which now allows them to sell peppers and enchilada sauces. Another company it has acquired products from is Premier Foods. In 2012, Sarsonfs vinegar, Haywards pickled onion and Dufrais vinegar which were products of Premier Foods, were sold to Mizkan. In fact, Mizkan has a really broad range of products now including pasta sauces! Thatfs right. In 2014, Unilever sold US Ragu and Bertolli pasta to Mizkan.


So there we have it. Mizkan is the brand of choice for rice vinegar. When you go to the shops, please have a look for this product and Ifm sure you too will be impressed with tits taste and happy with the product. No doubt it will be easy to find and the price shouldnft be too high. Enjoy!