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Dishes that utilize rice vinegar

So versatile

Rice vinegar is an extremely useful ingredient in the kitchen when cooking Japanese and surprisingly when cooking non Japanese food too. It is delicious, good for you and easy to use in dishes. Japanese rice vinegar is milder than western vinegar making it a little more subtle when used in cooking, it is almost colourless as well.


Quite simply, Japanese cooking just couldnft exist nowadays without it. Probably the most famous and well liked food that uses rice vinegar is sushi. The rice in sushi rice has lots of rice vinegar in it and this is what gives it its unique taste. Making sushi is not that hard, take a look at how to make it below.


To make sushi, put 3 cups of rice to the side and add half a cup of rice vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar and a little salt into a small pot and mix together, heat this mixture until everything is mixed and then pour this on the rice that has been cooked and stir it in well. Next, let the whole lot cool down for a while until it is all at room temperature. Make sure to use a wooden spoon or a flat rice spoon that is used in Japanese cooking to remove the rice. So this is the rice for making sushi, there you go, itfs not that tricky.


Technically, you could use white vinegar to make sushi rice (Ifve done it too when I didnft have rice vinegar at home). But of course its flavour and the taste is different so using rice vinegar for your sushi rice is definitely the best.


Rice vinegar can also be used in other ways too! Below is a great little dish that uses it to make a really nice chicken dish. To make this dish youfll need 4 tablespoons of unsalted butter, 4 cloves of unpeeled garlic, some olive oil, some chicken thighs cut into pieces, a half a cup of rice vinegar, a couple of tomatoes and two tablespoons of parsley leaves. Next, melt the butter into the olive oil in a large pan, add the garlic in as well as the chicken, with some salt and pepper. fry the chicken until golden brown. Next, add the vinegar and the tomatoes and bring the whole lot to a simmer, at this point cover the whole lot and allow it to simmer until the chicken is cooked through. At this point if the sauce is not so thick, take the chicken out and turn the heat up on the sauce to allow it to boil and get thicker. At this point once you have the sauce how you want it, take the cloves out and take the shells off the whole garlic cloves and mash them into the sauce. Next, mix in the butter and parsley, add a little salt and pepper and pour over the chicken and there you have it.

Plenty of options

Using rice vinegar in your main dish is great too. If you know Hawaiian pizza, the pineapple sourness is just something different and some people love it. Rice vinegar has lots of great health benefits so why not use it for your dish occasionally. Especially, chicken and pork meals work well.
Here is another fantastic idea to brighten up your next meal. Itfs a delicious salad dressing. To make it, get two tablespoons of rice vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil and some salt. Put some nice lettuce leaves into a small bowl , throw in the olive oil, rice vinegar and salt on the lettuce and mix it all in together. Thatfs it. Youfll be surprised just how easy and delicious this really is, itfs such a simple salad but really healthy because it has the rice vinegar in it.


Using rice vinegar for your salad dressing instead of using white vinegar, it gives you a different flavour and the taste so use this recipe sometimes to change your pattern of your recipe!
Japanese rice vinegar is truly a great food to have lying around in the pantry for most people. It is one of those foods that can easily be used in dishes and you donft have to worry about it not being healthy because it is. It is colourless so it wonft make any dishes look funny, in fact because itfs colourless, it will allow the natural colors of the other foods to come through in the dish. It has quite a lot of acetic acid, I think itfs somewhere in the vicinity of 5% acetic acid and this is what gives it itfs bitter taste, but remember rice vinegar isnft too bitter, in fact rice vinegar is pretty mild and not strong at all, especially when compared to western vinegars. In Japan you can find two main types of rice vinegar. the first one is called kasuzu and the second one is called yonezu. These are used to make traditional Japanese food. The first one which is a very good dish and so common in Japan as you are always served this when going to restaurants and also when having dinner at someonefs house is tsukemono. This is essentially Japanese style pickles. Itfs a pretty simple food but tasty and good for you. The second is sunomono which is a kind of side dish salad.
Using rice vinegar for dressings is great because it easy and good for your health when you think about the health benefits of rice vinegar. Always remember that with rice vinegar comes lots of health benefits. There really are lots of health benefits and nutritional goodies to rice vinegar. It is believed that rice vinegar is actually able to help in helping our livers as well as assist in blood sugar control and it helps with colon health. Some people believe that it helps in losing weight too. When youfre out buying rice vinegar please try hard to find the really ones and not the cheap ones that donft actually contain the natural product. Of course, all the health benefits will come from eating the good one.