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Rice vinegar health benefits

Staying healthy with rice vinegar

There are many different types of vinegar available on the market including vinegars such as apple cider vinegar. One type of vinegar is rice vinegar and this type is particular strong in flavor and has lots of amino acids meaning that it is pretty good for our health. The amino acids that are in rice vinegar are the key to its health properties and offer the positive medicinal benefits. The amino acids that are found in in the wonderful rice vinegar are great for battling with free radicals and they are essential for keep up a strong and healthy immune system. In actual fact, rice vinegar doesnft just contain amino acids but also lots of other types of acids too and all of these health to keep our bodies stronger.


Vinegarsf main element is vinegar acid but there are other organic acids (in actual fact there are more than 60 kinds including citric acid, apple acid and succinic acid). This element makes citric acid line activate. Citric acid line is a system for energy metabolism to change food eaten into energy. The nutrition absorbed from food like glucose sugar becomes pyruvic acid in each cell, it degrade to oxygen and becomes the important element for citric acid line that is called acetyl CoA. This acetyl CoA changes to different acids and produces our energy. However, if the nutrition balance is not good, the citric acid effect goes down, and the pyruvic acid canft be changed into energy. What happens is it becomes lactic acid which is a tired matter, it mounts up and gives you muscle tiredness. Also, when a lof of organic acid in rice vinegar absorbs to the citric acid line, the metabolism activates and improves your tiredness and condition.


Vinegar affects each other with other foods, it has a synergistic effect and affect to your health. Here are the effect of vinegar:


  1. It improves digestion
  2. It sorts the lactic acid out and takes the deposit out of the body
  3. It decreases salt
  4. It absorbs vitamin C steadily
  5. It makes it easier for absorbing calcium
  6. It eases tension and stress
  7. The condiment effect
  • It removes the oiliness
  • It protects from browning and makes the red colour better
  • It removes the veggie bitterness
  • It softens hard meat
  • It removes the fishiness and concretes the protein


Vinegar protects from nutrition damage, it improves absorption into your body and has a synergistic effect with other food.


So many positives with rice vinegar

So many positives with rice vinegar

You feel of course tired after doing some sports, that is from losing glycogen which is a source of energy. Glycogen is basically a sugar, it degrades to glucose and changes to glycogen. The main element of vinegar, vinegar acid can change glucose to glycogen effectively. So it is possible to get glycogen effectively especially if you take vinegar with sugar (like honey) together. Also, vinegar acid and citric acid can slow tired matter creating and degrade the mounted lactic acid in your body.


Improving calcium absorption
Minerals are a difficult element to absorb in your body but if you take vinegar together, absorption rates go up according to recent research. Also, vinegar acid can degrade calcium so if you boil meat with bones and fish with bones with vinegar then the calcium degrades in the soup from the bone. So if you would like to take more calcium from meat with bone, make a soup out of it just like a normal Asian style summer dish. Itfs good for you!


Controlling the blood glucose level
The blood glucose level is the rate of how much glucose is in the blood. If the level goes up rapidly or stays at a high level, the pancreas gets tired and insulin does not excrete and it could be a cause of getting diabetes. The blood glucose level goes up after eating normally but vinegar could limit the sugar absorption to prevent you from getting the blood glucose level going up high too quickly. Of course, itfs important you donft eat too much..you canft rely on vinegar for that.


Bringing the blood pressure down
Vinegar acid has an effect of easing the hormone adjustment function which is related to the blood pressure increasing. In recent research, if the person who has a high level of blood pressure kept having a tablespoon of vinegar everyday, the personfs blood pressure would go down after 6 weeks. Also, if you take 2 tablespoons of vinegar everyday, then you can get ore of an effect supposedly. One of the causes of having high blood pressure is eating too much salt. Try to not to use salt and soy sauce too much but try to use vinegar in your dish every time, itfs very good for you.


Ease the heat tiredness
What happens in the hot summer is that you become so tired and lose your appetite then you get sick.. Vinegar is perfect for that to prevent before even happening. The vinegar acid taste and the smell stimulates your appetite in your brain so you will not lose your appetite and also it helps to excrete your spit and stomach acid so it helps to absorb and digest.


Helps constipation
Rice vinegar helps to ease constipation. Because vinegar activates the bowl secreting stomach acid a lot, that helps your bowl to flow well. You know what, constipation is not good for your skin so if you are constipated please take some vinegar so that your skin improves!! Rice vinegar goes well with vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds so try to take them together for your health.


Clearly vinegar in general and certainly rice vinegar are a hugely important group of foods to add into our diet if not already there. Rice vinegar will help to stimulate your appetite making it easier to eat in the summer if you donft have an appetite. It also has plenty of amino acids which make your immune system strong. On top of all this, itfs actually pretty yummy and can be used in so many ways to create delicious dishes that can brighten your meals. If rice vinegar is no a key part of your diet then I encourage you to give it a go and make it something that you include often. Enjoy your food and stay healthy with rice vinegar.