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All about rice vinegar

Japanese rice vinegar is a vinegar made from fermented rice or rice wine in Japan. This is mainly for making sushi rice, sunomono (vinegared side dish) and Japanese vinegar dressing salad. What is the difference between rice vinegar and sushi vinegar? Well, sushi vinegar is ready to just pour on the rice so it contains sugar and salt already in it. Whereas, rice vinegar is just a vinegar so to make sushi rice you would need to add some salt and sugar in rice vinegar and mix together. So sho...



Rice vinegar health benefits

There are many different types of vinegar available on the market including vinegars such as apple cider vinegar. One type of vinegar is rice vinegar and this type is particular strong in flavor and has lots of amino acids meaning that it is pretty good for our health. The amino acids that are in rice vinegar are the key to its health properties and offer the positive medicinal benefits. The amino acids that are found in in the wonderful rice vinegar are great for battling with free radicals ...



Dishes that utilize rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is an extremely useful ingredient in the kitchen when cooking Japanese and surprisingly when cooking non Japanese food too. It is delicious, good for you and easy to use in dishes. Japanese rice vinegar is milder than western vinegar making it a little more subtle when used in cooking, it is almost colourless as well.Quite simply, Japanese cooking just couldnft exist nowadays without it. Probably the most famous and well liked food that uses rice vinegar is sushi. The rice in su...



Rice vinegar production

Vinegar is essentially a fermented liquid that goes sour and this is what gives it its unique effect. Although it has many uses, it is mostly used to preserve food and it is commonly used in marinades and salad dressings it is also pretty good for cleaning actually. Vinegar is actually made from lots of different products. Often it is made from wine, rice and beer. E.g. balsamic vinegar is made from certain types of grapes from the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. When making vinegar, the f...



What rice vinegar brands to buy

When you go to the shops to buy rice vinegar, it may be that youfre really not sure which one to go with. Thatfs perfectly normal when you walk into a shop that has dozens of brands with dozens of variations of the same product. There are of course some pretty good products that you can find and buy but in I think many Japanese people would agree that there is one standout company which is Mizkan.There are many factors that make Mizkan such a great company to buy rice vinegar from. Mizkan rea...