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About Japanese Pepper

Well, what is Japanese pepper? Actually, it is not a pepper as such but it is called either Japanese pepper or Sansho pepper. Sansho is a Japanese prickly ash, usually sold and used in its ground form, especially in asian cuisine. It is delicious when sprinkled over grilled foods like teriyaki chicken and kabayaki eel. It has a strong aromatic spicy taste making it something that some people love and some people want to have. Another name for this is Zanthoxylum piperitum, have ever heard o...



Planting Japanese pepper

If you donft know about Japanese pepper, you probably wonft be able to imagine about how itfs grown, if you do however know about Japanese pepper then you would be surprised that it is actually a kind of citrus. It has a slight lemony flavour but often you may not be able to tell, you are more likely to recognize it as a herb. So it is actually a kind of citrus and it come from a tree. The tree usually grows up to around 3m and the tallest youfd be able to find would be around 5m in height (j...



Japanese pepper ingredients and its history

Where did sansho pepper originate? There are two theories, one believes that they originated in China, and the other in Japan. Here is a brief history of sansho pepper.Late third century AC: Native Japanese pepper was written in one of the biographies.Nara era (710-794): Sansho was termed as Naruhajika.Kamakura era (1185-1333) : Samurai were using sansho as a pepper when hunting.Muromachi era (1392-1491) : SANSHO WAS USED FOR GRILLED EELEdo era (1701-1868) : There were more restaurants and san...



Using Japanese pepper in dishes

Japanese pepper (sansho pepper) is basically a pepper so you can just sprinkle it on your meal. You donft even need to heat it up, just sprinkle it on! Also, it doesnft have to be a Japanese / Asian food when you use it, it really can go on anything. For example, if you are doing steak for dinner, just sprinkle it on and grill or fry, or you could sprinkle just before eating as sansho loses flavour after a while. You can start using sansho pepper from today! Other than that, the common use ...



Brands and products for Japanese pepper

When you go to the supermarket or Asian supermarket and have a look for sansho pepper you may find a number of brands and wonder what to choose from. There are two major companies producing sansho pepper. They are the well known S&B and House Foods Group Inc. Although some others may offer excellent quality products too, I would certainly recommend these two as they have been proven over time to offer a high quality product. Here is a little about these two companies.S&BIt was founded in 192...