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Nori, Japanese seaweed

One of the most well known and highly used Japanese foods is nori. For most people, their first experience with nori probably came through trying sushi and seeing a green substance wrapped around white rice, probably wondered what it was. Nori, also commonly known as seaweed laver, fast became a bit of a household favourite for many people, so much so that it can easily be found now in Asian supermarkets around the world as well as regular supermarkets throughout the world. Today, we take a l...



Using nori for Japanese dishes

Nori is basically a condiment for sprinkling on and wrapping around food. Everyone knows sushi these days, so you know how to wrap sushi with nori with ease. Sprinkling nori is such as great way to use it and it really does go well on dishes such as fried udon, rice, takoyaki, tofu or even on natto (fermented soy bean). If you like the taste and the taste matches the dish youfre putting it on (it really just has to be a savoury dish for the combination to work), you are more than welcome to s...



Nori and its ingredients

Nori has been in use in Japan for a very long time and in many ways it has made its mark on Japanese culinary habits and culture as one of the defining ingredients in food. Farming methods, use in cooking and types of nori have of course evolved over the years to get us to where we are now but the basic form of nori as a dried form of seaweed has remained consistent and this simplicity is perhaps the key to its subtle flavour and incredible health benefits. Letfs look at nori and its ingredien...



Nori brands

We are very fortunate that nori can be found throughout the world. Nowadays, many brands compete in this nori retail space offering a variety of products. Selecting nori can be tricky if you donft have your own favourites and donft know the brands. Here is a snippet of thoughts regarding how to approach buying nori in the shops.To be honest with you, there are so many nori companies out there so the nori you can purchase from supermarkets or Asian groceries are all different. In Japan too, i...