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What is Miso?

One of the most popular and well known foods to come out of Japan is miso. Miso is a fermented soybean paste and is one of the most popular seasonings in Japanese cooking. Miso is extremely versatile as it can be used with almost any savoury food and in many cooking styles. Miso is perhaps one of the most important condiments to the Japanese diet and it is certainly no surprise that itfs popularity has grown so much in countries all over the world when its excellent taste and health benefits ...



How is it good for me?

Miso is one of the healthiest foods to come out of Japan and has truly taken the world by storm over the past fifty years. With so many health benefits, it is loved by so many and with a taste that is extremely soothing, itfs a favourite for so many. Letfs look at what makes miso unique and why it is so good for our bodies.First of all, letfs look at what miso actually is. In itfs standard form, miso is fermented soy beans. The key ingredient to miso is soy beans, but in actual fact miso can...



The history of Miso

Itfs hard to imagine a Japan without miso. Wefve all tried Japanese food or regularly eat it and sure enough miso soup among other delicious morsels using miso are common. Miso soup is synonymous with Japanese food and ingredients and for many non Japanese, itfs something that they themselves have come to embrace and love. Miso is the complete food, it is filling, extremely healthy, tasty, easy to use and easy to find. Of course, it hasnft always been like this, miso certainly wasnft always ...



How to use Miso

Miso is quite possibly one of the the most well known Japanese food in the world. When japanese food boomed around the world in the later part of the twentieth century, miso became a household name and hundreds of millions of people developed a love for something that we all take for granted, miso soup. It is ironic then that with something so well ingrained into our lives, that many people really only know one use for it, in the form of soup, but fascinatingly enough, this is a base ingredien...



How to make Miso

Miso is a fantastic Japanese food. It is a food that has become synonymous with Japanese cooking and is symbolic of the style of food that Japanese prepare and love. The method of making miso dates backs centuries and in the time that has followed many different types of miso, each one having its own unique characteristics have been developed in the different regions of Japan but the basic method has always been and remains very similar. We will look at this method in a little more detail tod...



Miso products

With miso found all over the world now, many people are now asking more about miso and all the different variations and brands available. Miso is such a super food and itfs uses in the kitchen stretch far and wide. Miso comes in many forms and can be very or a little salty with every type able to be used to add something special. Letfs have a look at the different types on offer and what brands to look out for when in the shops so you can find the right one.Miso is sold all over the world now...