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What is Mirin?

Japanese cuisine is filled with a multitude of ingredients that add flavour to dishes. One of these condiments that stands out as an absolute must have item for anyone interested in Japanese cooking is mirin. With mirin, you can turn a simple dish into something better and for some dishes like teriyaki chicken, you really just canft do without it. Letfs have a look at mirin and all we need to know about it.Mirin is very often added to dishes to strike a balance between all the flavours and so...



The history of Mirin

Today, mirin is such an important ingredient in Japanese food. Itfs use in many dishes can not be easily substituted. Itfs versatile nature allows it to easy be thrown into a stir fry without too much thought and it goes so well with almost anything. The mirin we use in cooking today have of course a long history and has undergone many modifications and improvements throughout many centuries. Letfs have a look at what itfs been through and how things have changed.To start things off, letfs a...



How to use Mirin

Mirin is one of the key ingredients in any Japanese kitchen. It is something that is synonymous with the gentle flavours that grace Japanese dishes and will have a place in Japanese dishes always. Mirin is extremely useful in Japanese and indeed western cooking and can offer not only delicious taste to food but much more. Letfs have a look at the wonderful product mirin and how to use it in cooking.Mirin can add a lot of different elements to Japanese dishes. Mirin is very often added to dis...



Mirin Products

Mirin is a product that can be found throughout the world. It is a product with a few variations and brands and itfs useful to know about the differences between them. Mirin, when used in cooking can create such a positive effect on a dish and the various products and brands available can enhance dishes in their own way. Letfs have a look at these different brands and types of mirin available.The manufacturing of mirin is carried out in various places in Japan, so there are numerous types of ...