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If youfve come to learn about and love katsuobushi then youfre probably wondering about the different types that can be bought and what the best brands are. Well, youfve come to the right place because that is what wefll discuss today. These days, katsuobushi and all the various katsuobushi brands can be bought almost anywhere in the world and is pretty much readily available in any city due to the popularity of Japanese food. Itfs easy to spot in the shop, easy to use and so good for us.


Just to get off on the right foot, here is just a quick recap on katsuobushi. Katsuobushi is smoked, dried and fermented bonito. It is bought either in whole fillets or in packets containing the shavings. The process of making it is very long and can be extended for years to produce some of the best tasting katsuobushi. Katsuobushi is extremely good for us and can and should be eaten very frequently as it contains so many nutrients. Katsuobushi contains lots of amino acids and are extremely rich in many important vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12, niacin, iron and taurine which keep us strong and healthy. It also has very high concentrations of DHA which makes up over 95% of the omega 3 fatty acids in our brains, and more than 90% of the omega 3 fatty acids in our retina. DHA is really important for keeping our brains functioning at its best. Eating katsuobushi is believed to be very helpful with metabolic syndrome, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, allergic rhinitis, improving eyesight, dementia and depression.


We all know that Katsuobushi (dried-bonito shavings) is highly nutritious and healthy for our bodies, and it can be easily obtained from pretty much anywhere like the supermarkets. However, are we all familiar with ehowf to actually use Katsuobushi? What type of cuisine is it used for? Additionally, how many eKatsuobushi productsf are actually around, and what different types are there? We will introduce to you to the main different types of Katsuobushi products and brands here.


Remember that the beauty of katsuobushi is truly its ability to work in with and complement others foods and that is why it is so versatile in any dish. That is why many Japanese cooks typically blend it into simple dishes to brighten the look and taste. One example of this is a very simple dish where you fry spinach in a frypan, add and stir egg in and finally throw a handful of katsuobushi on top. Watch it wriggle around on the hot steaming dish and rest assured that youfre eating a very nutritious and nourishing side dish. If you like cheese on toast and are adventurous, why not try to brighten the dish by topping it with some katsuobushi to give it nutritional balance and an enjoyable taste. Many Japanese housewives often serve a side dish consisting of sliced tofu squares topped with katsuobushi, chive and soy sauce. Again, itfs very healthy and the taste is something else. These three ideas really typify the flexibility of katsuobushi and its ability to strike a balance with any other food.


  • The following are some typical dishes where Katsuobushi is used:
  • Hiyayakko ? Katsuobushi is sprinkled on top of tofu
  • Takoyaki ? Katsuobushi is sprinkled on top as a topping
  • Yakisoba ? Katsuobushi is sprinkled on top as a topping
  • Dashi ? Katsuobushi is simmered to make stock
  • Miso soup ? Katsuobushi is used in the soup stock
  • Udon ? Katsuobushi is used in the soup stock



There are mainly two ways of using Katsuobushi: used as a topping and used to make a soup stock. The Katsuobushi used as a topping is called eHana kezurif (flower-like shavings), and it is generally sprinkled on top of dishes or used to make a soup stock for miso soups. The other type of Katsuobushi is used to make more of an authentic soup stock is called eAtsu kezurif (thick shavings), and it is generally used to make rich flavoured stocks for udon or soba noodles.

Katsuobushi key brands

Now that we are familiar with the different types of dishes that use Katsuobushi and the ways to use it, we should look at various eproductsf of Katsuobushi. Because Katsuobushi products are manufactured by a number of companies, most imported products are a mixture of brands usually bought because they offer the best price. The brands of Katsuobushi you can easily purchase from Japanese supermarkets are eMarutomof and eNinbenf. Unless you are after very high-quality Katsuobushi products, there is not much need to be particular about the brands because the differences are minimal. In fact, most of the Katsuobushi sold on Ebay or Amazon are unknown brands. It is likely that your local supermarkets are not consistent with their Katsuobushi brand in stock and they probably carry different brands each time.


As mentioned previously, there are mainly two types of Katsuobushi. Just presume that eHana kezurif is the more mainstream kind which you can purchase from supermarkets. It is probably easier to find eAtsu kezurif brands if you go to eAsian food storesf. Otherwise, it is probably more guaranteed to find it on the Internet. You will be surprised by the number of products that show up when you search online. It is not a bad idea choosing by price as long as the product has a label that reads eJapanesef. We encourage you to have a look in the Asian food section to find all these great brands the next time you go to the supermarket.


So there we have it, in this modern age, Japanese katsuobushi is extremely easy to get a hold of regardless of where we are. There are a number of brands on the market with the two most well known being eMarutomof and eNinbenf but all of them do the trick. When in the Japanese food section of your supermarket or perhaps in a Japanese supermarket specializing in all Japanese products and brands, have a look for katsuobushi and give some of the brands and cooking ideas a go.