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What is katsuobushi?

Imagine a food that not only has a wonderful natural power to transform a nice dish to a great dish, but is also great for you with numerous health benefits. Well, youfre in luck because there is such a food and it has a rather long but hopefully memorable name gkatsuobushih.You may have come across this from time to time when enjoying Japanese food, perhaps you knew it, perhaps not. For many people, the first time katsuobushi catches their eye is when they are served a warm Japanese dish and ...



How is katsuobushi good for you?

Katsuobushi is a key food in the Japanese diet. Itfs affordable, plentiful, delicious and best of all really good for your body! So you may be wondering just how it is good for us and in what way, well, today, letfs delve a little deeper into that topic, how is katsuobushi good for us? Letfs find out and about this and just why the Japanese swear by it.Itfs so hard nowadays to stay on top of your health given the kinds of busy lives we lead. So many of us work long hours, donft get enough exe...



The history of katsuobushi

Japan is a country with a rich history. A history that dates back thousands of years and with such a vibrant past. Given that Japan is an island nation, seafood has always been an important part of the Japanese diet. Even today, most Japanese people enjoy a large number of dishes that include many kinds of fish and seafood thus the appetite is still strong for such food. Katsuobushi is right at the heart of this food culture and a very important ingredient. It is a food that came to be a lo...



How to use katsuobushi

In a land rich in diversity of flavour and style, katsuobushi fits right in. This is a food with a long history in Japan and a food of immense nutritional value. Katsuobushi is one of the heritage foods of Japan and still eaten in great abundance and used in many ways. With katsuobushi, two things can always be assured when itfs used, firstly that it packs a nutritional punch that your body will love and secondly that it will blend in with any savoury dish and invigorate the flavour of the di...



How to make katsuobushi

Katsuobushi has been prepared, refined and eaten for many centuries and is still going strong today. It is a very peculiar product for those not acquainted to its pencil shavings aesthetic but certainly a product that is easy to come to love. In this installment, wefll look at just how katsuobushi is made.Bonito fish, which katsuobushi is made from, has been plentiful around the Japanese waters for a long time and is of course an excellent source of protein. With katsuobushi, the Japanese fou...



Katsuobushi products

If youfve come to learn about and love katsuobushi then youfre probably wondering about the different types that can be bought and what the best brands are. Well, youfve come to the right place because that is what wefll discuss today. These days, katsuobushi and all the various katsuobushi brands can be bought almost anywhere in the world and is pretty much readily available in any city due to the popularity of Japanese food. Itfs easy to spot in the shop, easy to use and so good for us.Just...