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How to use Japanese mayonnaise

Letfs learn how to get it in your dish at home

Japanese Mayonnaise (aka. Mayo) is a deliciously rich and slightly sweet mayonnaise that is a lovely yellow colour, it is slightly different to regular American mayonnaise due to predominantly using egg yolks and rice malt or apple vinegars as opposed to whole egg and distilled vinegar.


Japanese mayonnaise is made using rice vinegar, egg yolks and apple. If you donft use water, which is used in American mayo it will give it a thinner texture and it will be very rich and a little sweet, this is the style of Japanese mayonnaise. Sometimes monosodium glutamate known as MSG is used to make everything taste better, this is something that some people may choose to avoid. If you are the type of person who wants to avoid additives or if youfre looking to keep your food as natural as possible then you should try not to buy these ones. Realistically though, itfs hard to find Japanese mayonnaise these days that doesn't use MSG, probably the best option would be to make your own if you like this style.


So how do you use Japanese mayonnaise? What type of mayonnaise you use will depend on the dish you wish to cook. Obviously, if your aim is to enhance your dish with a more traditional Japanese flavour then there is no questioning which of the mayonnaise family you need to use.


You will be pleased to hear that Japanese mayo is more than just your average salad or sandwich condiment, yes ? you heard me right, once you are aware of how good it tastes you will be hard pressed to exclude it from anything you cook, it is a versatile spread or flavour filled addition to any meal. Japanese Mayo works well with shrimp and seafoods, it can be used as a sauce, spread, paste, dipping sauce, side dish ? in fact, the more itfs used, the more you can see how versatile it actually is.


Here are just a few ways that you can incorporate this rich and delicious yellow flavoursome amazing stuff into your dish


  • In Sushi ? predominantly spicy tuna handrolls by mixing a little Tuong ot Sriracha or tabasco
  • As a side dish/dipping sauce to any traditional Japanese meal
  • Add to salads or sandwiches like regular mayonnaise (beware of a new level of taste sensation!)
  • Devilled eggs & egg salads
  • Potato Salads/Vegetable purees
  • Add it into pastas
  • Use it as a coating on Mexican corn on the cob
  • A drizzle sauce over tacos or Mexican based food
  • Itfs pretty amazing in Cheeseburgers too I hear

Beyond just everyday use

The above are ways that the mayo can be incorporated into a traditional western diet. The Japanese use Japanese Mayo on a new level adding it to almost everything including pancake and pizza creations also known as Okonomiyaki to hamburgers, sandwiches, sushi, croquettes, in Japan you can also find mayo flavoured ice cream, mayo flavoured snacks and potato chips. It can also be used as a spaghetti sauce and a topping for toast, noodles and in the traditional Japanese dish eKani Saladf which is a light salad that is very easy to make. The salad contains crabstick, mango and cucumber cut into fine strips and then adding bamboo shoots and a big (and I mean, huge!) squirt of the Japanese Mayonnaise and mix together creating a refreshingly sweet but very tasty salad.


You may have heard of the special gdynamite sauceh used in Japanese Sushi restaurants, this is simply Kewpie mayonnaise mixed with Sriracha sauce.


Many people will add famous store bought Japanese Mayonnaise gKewpieh to their dish. Kewpie is sold in a squeeze bottle with a baby on the front and encased in a plastic outer wrapper which is discarded after purchase. This brand of mayo is very popular in major retailers and grocery stores. The squeeze bottle sports a star shaped nozzle so it is beautifully dispensed in a lovely rosette shape when squeeze onto a plate. The Kewpie brand can be described as satisfyingly rich and slightly sweet. It has been described by chefs like Momofukufs David Chang who called in gthe best mayonnaise in the worldh. For those after the full effect and the vibrant rich and delightful flavour in their dish, why not try making your own?


You may have heard of the special gdynamite sauceh used in Japanese Sushi restaurants, this is simply Kewpie mayonnaise mixed with Sriracha sauce. You can also use this little concoction as a dipping sauce for fried chicken, how delicious does that sound? Just be careful ? this way of using Japanese mayonnaise can become addictive, you have to remember your portion control when it comes to this dish.


When it comes to making Japanese mayo at home the success depends on fresh eggs, initial patience and being confident in the process. Using only the freshest organic farm eggs and a good quality vegetable or canola oil is essential toward whipping up a successful home made batch of this beautiful condiment.
At the end of the day I think what we have all learnt today is that Japanese Mayo whether homemade or in Kewpiefs bottled form, is amazing. You only have to do a little research online or ask any Japanese friends to know that this eggy, rich, sort of sweet mayo that packs a punch of flavour is simply divine. We learn that the more you use it, the more addictive it is, the easier it is to realise that it pretty much goes with everything and that soon after you start to add it to simple things like salads and sandwiches you will start becoming more creative and before you know it will be adding it to almost every dish you make.
If youfre still reading this articlec I now give you permission to get up off your chair and run down to the local store or Japanese market and buy yourself a big bottle of Kewpie or some eggs and vinegars to get started on preparing your own delicious Japanese Mayonnaisec GO!