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What is Japanese mayonnaise?

What is Japanese mayonnaise and how is it different from just your regular American mayonnaise? Japanese mayonnaise is in fact not too dissimilar from your American mayonnaise in terms of ingredients. They share some of the same items, but there are some different ingredients used in Japanese mayonnaise that give it a different flavour and texture to your traditional American mayo, making them both quite different and giving them both two rather different uses in the kitchen.Japanese mayonnaise...



How to use Japanese mayonnaise

Japanese Mayonnaise (aka. Mayo) is a deliciously rich and slightly sweet mayonnaise that is a lovely yellow colour, it is slightly different to regular American mayonnaise due to predominantly using egg yolks and rice malt or apple vinegars as opposed to whole egg and distilled vinegar.Japanese mayonnaise is made using rice vinegar, egg yolks and apple. If you donft use water, which is used in American mayo it will give it a thinner texture and it will be very rich and a little sweet, this is ...



The history of Japanese mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, often abbreviated and referred to as emayof does have an exact confirmed source of where it first began. Many sources agree that the origin was Western Europe in around 1642 where it was made to be some kind of aioli made by French Duke, de Richelieufs chef. However, other sources place the origin of mayonnaise being from the town of Mao (Menorca, Spain) from where it was then taken to France and was from there referred to as Mayonnaise, keeping the original name but with the French...



Japanese Mayonnaise products

When it comes to the brands of Japanese Mayonnaise, itfs actually really hard to go past the most famous one. Ask any Japanese food lover, ask anyone who has been to or has lived in Japan, and ask anyone who loves food in generalc. Just ask anyone who knows anything remotely related to Japan what the most famous Japanese Mayonnaise brand is, and it is more than likely they will be able to answer it for you.OK, so on the off chance they canft, I will do the honour of informing you of the name of...