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Cooking sake is truly one of the great Japanese ingredients. Not only does it give food a added flavour and a delicious UMAMI taste (the fifth taste sensation), it is also super good for our bodies! Itfs really something we all need in the kitchen so letfs look at what brands to buy when you find cooking sake in a shop near you.


Nowadays, most big cities and many smaller ones have their own Japanese food products retailers which makes finding Japanese products a lot easier! Also, in many countries, Japanese foods have become so popular that you can find a Japanese food section in local grocery stores and supermarkets which really makes finding Japanese products easy. For those people who unfortunately arenft in areas with this much shopping convenience who are having mass cravings for Japanese food, fear not. Many online shopping sites like amazon.com are able to ship products such as cooking sake to you. Whether you can receive it will of course depend on your countryfs specific regulations on bringing in cooking sake based on its classification.


letfs take a look at the big brands that youfre likely to find in the shops! There are so many companies making cooking sake in Asian countries (not only in Japan) these days.. Here are the major Japanese brands making cooking sake:


This company was established in 1961 in Hyogo, Japan. They produce Cooking sake, Mirin and Sake mainly. They are exporting their products overseas so you will definitely see their products in the Asian food corner of any supermarket. Their logo is a red circle just like the Japanese flag and eHidedef is written in the red circle. The are sake making experts and a trusted company with a trusted brand in Japan so the sakefs quality will be good and is certainly recommended.


This is also a famous company that was established in 1804 in Aichi, Japan. They produce Vinegar, Cooking sake, Ponzu. Mizukan is actually famous for rice vinegar so they have a lot of vinegar related products such as sushi vinegar, ponzu (which includes vinegar). Mizukan is also exporting their products overseas, so you can find it in supermarket too. The logo has three horizontal bars and a little circle at the bottom. Mizukanfs start was sake with a person called eMatazaemonf, he was a sake making technician who brought sake to Edo in 1804 and made lees of vinegar from sake lees. It is said that without Matazaemon, Mizukan wouldnft exist now.


They are both big and famous companies that you can trust, I am pretty sure whichever you get it will be good. You could try some unknown companyfs cooking sake too which will probably taste alright, the truth is that understanding the subtleties takes time so to begin with any cooking sake should suffice;) Remember, cooking sake was only made for avoiding tax.. so you could spend a little more and buy a bottle of sake for cooking, itfs your choice!! Purchasing a bottle of sake is recommended for people who like sake, one because you can drink it as well if you like it, two you would really appreciate the real sake flavour in your dish.

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Interesting fact: Cooking sake has only been around for about 150 years whereas sake has been around for a lot longer. The reason for cooking sakefs existence is a curious one. In actual fact the only reason cooking sake exists as an ingredient in Japanese cooking is because of tax brackets introduced by the Japanese government on products containing alcohol. Cooking sake was made to avoid alcohol tax by adding in other ingredients such as salt and vinegar for reasons of product classification. For this reason it only came out around the 1870s but essentially both rice wine and cooking sake offer the same qualities to food.


One more famous company you may see on Amazon.com is Kikkoman. You know Kikkoman! The soy sauce company, they make soy sauce, mirin, cooking sake and fish stock or any soy and fish ingredients. This company is of course trusted too, they were founded in 1017 in Chiba, Japan. It is very famous world wise and so famous for soy sauce that you see it in supermarkets all around the world. Their main products and services include soy sauce, food seasoning and flavoring, mirin, shochu, and sake, juice and other beverages, pharmaceuticals, and restaurant management services. Kikkoman has production plants in Japan, the U.S., the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. Kikkoman is the most popular brand of soy sauce in Japan and the United States. Kikkoman's logo is the kamon (emblem) of its founder.


For those looking for a few ideas on how to use cooking sake, here are a few quick ideas. When cooking 3 cups of rice, add a teaspoon of cooking sake. The rice will be full and soft and have a better texture than what it would have been without the cooking sake. Sprinkle a little cooking sake on the meat before cooking. The meat will soften and will get an increased umami flavour (the fifth sensation). When boiling vegetables in water, add some cooking sake to stop the veggies from going all mushy and giving them a nice flavour. Add in some cooking sake with your bread mix and meat patty mix - it gives the texture a thick and tender but smooth consistency. Lastly, use some in batter or with breadcrumbs - it will be crunchy and stop the oil from oxidizing.


So now you know the top brands and some great ways to use them! Japanese cooking sakes is easy to find all around the world and if itfs not, therefs always amazon to help out. For those who arenft so familiar with cooking sake and itfs practical uses, please give it a try and rest assured that it will not only add flavour to your best dishes but also be adding a whole host of health benefits to the dish.