Japanese ingredients for your healthy life

How is Cooking Sake good for me?

So good for us!

Well, any fermented food creates good bacteria because of the process of fermentation it goes through, typically ethe antioxidant effectf is known and talked about as having many health benefits. The antioxidant effect is literally stopping the active enzymes which makes you old, for example wrinkled skin or flecks on your skin. So taking antioxidants in your body is actually really good for anti aging. Usually, we get a lot of the active enzymes that make us age from the sun or smoking or drinking or the stress you get in your daily lives.. then they sort of start destroying your cells. Thatfs when you need eAntioxidantsf!! Antioxidants help vitamins, protein, amino acids and citric acid maximize their positive effect on our bodies. Eating does not mean you are absorbing everything you ingest. Cooking sake is fermented rice alcohol and it is easy to use in almost every single meal as long as you like the flavour, and what they say is that cooking sake has a lot of health benefits including the antioxidants in it. Letfs have a look at what they are!


Prevention from cancer
Sake is famous for preventing cancer and it is true. Japanese sake contains many components, including amino acids. Amino acids have many beneficial aspects for health because they activate brain function and strengthen the immune system. However, you canft drink sake everyday only for that reason unfortunately.. It does have a different flavour that you may not enjoy.. and it is expensive to buy and keep drinking. All you have to do is use just a little so cooking sake is perfect. When you have meat or fish, put some on when cooking. Even if you donft like the flavour and the taste of sake, using a little bit in your dish wonft matter because you might not realise itfs even there. It just gives a little flavour and itfs a great way of preventing cancer!


Anti aging
It is well known that people who drink Japanese sake daily have supposedly better brain function than people who don't drink at all. It sounds funny but that has been talked about and discussed by a lot of people including health authorities. Because of the antioxidant effect, vitamins work well in your body and amino acids work too and these are very good for your skin and cells. Of course you donft want to become an alcoholic and you may not like the sake taste so having it in your dishes rather than just drinking it on its own is a great idea. It shouldnft bother you, you can just go to the supermarket, find an Asian corner, look for a cooking sake and get one easily. What a great health benefit!


Great for your brain function
It was also recently discovered that peptides in Japanese sake are very effective in preventing forgetfulness. This health benefit of improved brain function in people who use cooking sake in their food often has been discussed regularly by health authorities for some time, maybe you can try to prove it by using cooking sake often in your dishes. You may start remember things;) It sounds possible though because obviously cooking sake is good for anti aging which means it has got a lot of things to do with the brain too.

Letfs get practical!

These are the three main health benefits for cooking sake. It is easy to get from the supermarket or Asian grocery, as Japanese food is healthy and delicious, you can start making Japanese dishes too for your long life.. or there are so many Japanese restaurants everywhere at every single corner, you can try. Do you know what to order?? Well, TERIYAKI CHICKEN to go! To make teriyaki chicken, you definitely need cooking sake. It softens the chicken and flavours it with soy sauce, without using cooking sake the teriyaki chicken will not be teriyaki chicken and wouldnft have the same health benefits.


Here is a teriyaki chicken recipe you could remember (if you are not going to a sushi shop or Japanese restaurant to try teriyaki chicken to get the cooking sake affect):


Making teriyaki chicken is pretty easy. why not give it a try for your family, itfs fun, a great Japanese dish to try and best of all, it has many great health benefits!


To start, firstly prepare the ingredients, youfll need 120ml of Japanese soy sauce, 60ml of mirin (sweet cooking sake), 60ml of Japanese cooking sake, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons of white sugar and 400 grams of chicken thighs. You can use any part of the chicken you like but for best results, I recommend the chicken thigh.


OK, to make it - Get a large bowl and add and mix the mirin, Japanese cooking sakes, sugar, oil and soy sauce. Mix it up well then add in the chicken and stir it around so that all parts of the chicken at covered in the marinade. The next part is easy, just cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge and leave it for at least a couple of hours and for best results leaves it in the fridge overnight to allow maximum absorption of the marinade into the chicken.


Once you're ready to cook it, heat up the oven to 180 degrees celsius, lay the chicken onto a tray lined with baking paper (leaving the marinade in the bowl) and pop them in the oven. While the chicken is cooking, keep brushing the chicken with the marinade to ensure the chicken gets lots of flavour and an even, consistent flavour. Keep cooking the chicken until golden brown (cooking times will vary depending on the oven used of course). Once ready, take them out of the oven, allow them to cool then enjoy on their own, with rice, bread or perhaps for the adventurous, try using them is homemade sushi!


So there we have it, now you know how great cooking sake is for us, all itfs health benefits and also how to use it! Youfre armed and ready to start making this key ingredient in Japanese the gives so much taste and has so many great health benefits a part of your cooking arsenal! Enjoy using it!