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What is Cooking Sake?

Cooking sake is one of the most important Japanese ingredients to use in Japanese dishes. If you donft know what sake is.. here is a brief explanation for you. Sake is an alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin that is made from fermented rice. Some people may call it erice winef. Sake is a very famous and popular Japanese alcohol, and it is made of 55% pure polished rice. It has the sweetness of the rice and it is flavorsome so that some people may not like the strong taste but some people e...



How is Cooking Sake good for me?

Well, any fermented food creates good bacteria because of the process of fermentation it goes through, typically ethe antioxidant effectf is known and talked about as having many health benefits. The antioxidant effect is literally stopping the active enzymes which makes you old, for example wrinkled skin or flecks on your skin. So taking antioxidants in your body is actually really good for anti aging. Usually, we get a lot of the active enzymes that make us age from the sun or smoking or dr...



The history of Cooking Sake

In Japan, people have been using sake since a very long time ago. Not only has it been a source for relaxation and entertainment but itfs taste properties and health benefits have been known for many years hence itfs long use in Japanese history. The reason for cooking sakefs existence is a curious one. In actual fact the only reason cooking sake exists as an ingredient in Japanese cooking is because of tax brackets introduced by the Japanese government on products containing alcohol. Cookin...



How to use Cooking Sake

When it comes to using cooking sake in food, there really are a multitude of ways to apply this in your food. Cooking sake essentially acts as a robust seasoning in any dish and will add lots of amino acids giving a strong UMAMI flavour as well as loads of health benefits such as antioxidants.The two key points to remember when cooking with cooking sake is that it will soften meats and fish and add health benefits. When fish and meat are left in cooking sake for long periods of time they becom...



Cooking Sake products

Cooking sake is truly one of the great Japanese ingredients. Not only does it give food a added flavour and a delicious UMAMI taste (the fifth taste sensation), it is also super good for our bodies! Itfs really something we all need in the kitchen so letfs look at what brands to buy when you find cooking sake in a shop near you.Nowadays, most big cities and many smaller ones have their own Japanese food products retailers which makes finding Japanese products a lot easier! Also, in many count...